There are several categories of cost; membership, training and equipment.

We aim to make Krav Maga available to all, so despite the popularity of the system allowing high prices to be demanded by most groups, we at BFS keep them to a minimum and in line with other forms of exercise available within the area.  We also look to find and recommend the most reasonably priced equipment, without compromising the quality or your safety.

Annual Membership

This is priced at £ZERO per year, thats right we do not charge an annual membership!!  There is a joining fee that covers the cost of the essential equipment that you need to train, prices vary depending upon the equipment package you want.

Monthly Mat Fee

From the 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018 we will be charging £10 for trial sessions (2 of these are allowed before joining), then £25 -student- or £35 -adult- per calendar month (paid by direct debit on the first of every month).  This also includes your member-to-member insurance.  There are also discounts available when more than one member of the family trains:

  • Family of 2 £40 per month
  • Family of 3 £60 per month
  • Family of 4 £80 per month
  • Family of 5+ £100 per month

AND our monthly payment means you may also train in all of our karate classes

We require one month notice should you wish to cancel your membership as this helps us to plan our cost coverage and membership is taken every month regardless of attendance.  Should you have a medical or work related reason to be away from the club for more than 2 months we will freeze membership and payments for that period (1 month notice required and then your first month after you return is free).

On occasion there will also be the opportunity to train at seminars and courses.  These will be individually priced depending upon the instructor, venue and length of the session.


We can suggest vendors for all equipment and can also offer provision for reasonable prices using our own trade accounts.  Remember we are interested in your safety and not your money.  Upon joining we do have several joining packs available for you to purchase, which provide a good discount.

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